AIRE Flamenco is delighted to welcome the collaboration with ‚ÄėCarreras Guitars‚Äô.
A Carerras guitar is a guarantee of the finest possible workmanship coming together to make the most-pure sound.
Born in Madrid, Spain in the mid 40's, Alfredo developed a passion for¬†music in his youth leading to him becoming an accomplished flamenco guitarist. Hailing from a land of master luthiers, and having a keen¬†interest in guitars, it was a natural progression for Alfredo¬†to go on to¬†study the art of flamenco¬†and¬†classical guitar making.¬†‚Äč
Today, Alfredo stands as a true master craftsman and producer of world-class flamenco and classical guitars and a repairer of all stringed instruments. He has spent the past 38 years researching and refining his manufacturing and construction techniques, searching for the perfect sound. 

For more information on Carreras Guitars: 
Alfredo 0402 442 756
Workshop open by appointment.
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